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Estonian and Latvian companies can benefit from cooperation with Nordic region under a strong specialization with proven success and support to establish business - Nordic region):


Qimtek, pronounced [kimteck] stands for Quotes in Manufacturing Technology

1) Qimtek ( industrial portal (company is a private, AB) provides with services to become a supplier for Scandinavian and Nordic industry. The B2B market place is operated since 2007. It offers a simplified tool and buyers RFQ (requests for quotation) demand to search for suppliers. Thousands RFQ are uploaded continuously per year, purely B2B, engineering related. It is open for Baltic suppliers and they are kindly invited to register. Finally, Qimtek is not "just" an online market place, a preferred supplier is supported personally during a membership.


A modern and future marketing tool to increase sales and exports in competitive and attractive Scandinavian region, in addition expanding opportunities in the Baltic countries and Poland. 

Suppliers (meeting target sectors below) are invited to register for free here.

Target group: OEM companies, manufacturers, product suppliers.

Target sectors: metal processing, plastics, rubber, aerospace, automotive, electronics, energy, defense, industrial machinery, woodworking, additive manufacturing, consumer goods, marine, forest & paper, heavy vehicles, workshop, appliances (white goods).

NEWS. The latest Svensk Verkstad (Swedish engineering industry magazine, published and owned by Qimtek) edition of May 2019 can be read here. Printed edition: 21 000 pcs, on-line version: 100 000 visits/month.    

   SvenskVerkstad is a part of Qimtek and is a business media:

   printed magazine, on-line version and e-newsletter with an impact

   to reach over 20 000 industrial subscribers in Scandinavia


Qimtek at Elmia Subcontractor 2018 (Svensk Verkstad, 1 2019).


At Elmia Subcontractor 2017, 187 buyers / decision makers have registered on Qimtek stand with a combined purchase budget of 673 ml. SEK (67 ml. EUR) for 2018.


For any further information, advantages, benefits and Qimtek / Svensk Verkstad services please request at the representative in the Baltic countries: Sigitas Brazinskas, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., mob. +370 698 03730 (international), +46 727 493696 (in Sweden).

 2) Attending or visiting the Natural Products and Organic Food fairs: